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Gold Investments with Peace of Mind

Whilst many are now aware that gold provides a great balance and protection to your wealth, it seems some are still unsure how to buy gold, in which form, from whom and at what price.

Here at Physical Gold, we pride ourselves on making gold investment available to everyone - from sophisticated high net worth investors, to those of us just looking to buy a single coin to pass down to the grandchildren. We look to make gold investment simple by walking you through the various types of investment, forms of gold and the ownership process. Most importantly, we realise that everyone’s circumstances are different and one size does not fit all.

You will be allocated your own dedicated consultant to create the best investment solutions to suit your needs. Whether you have money lying idle in a bank account (which you want to work harder for you), want to learn how to receive a 40% discount through Pension Gold, or want to save regularly with our Gold Accumulation Account - we are here to offer our expertise.

Everyday people - like you - are protecting the value of their savings and building golden nest eggs with Physical Gold investments.

Gold as a Long Term Investment

It’s widely known that gold is one of the earth’s most precious resources. It can’t be mass-produced, it cannot be destroyed and it’s remained incredibly valuable for thousands of years. For these reasons, more and more investors are tuning in to the benefits of buying gold and securing a strong investment in the product, whether through arranging a one-off purchase or capitalising on the precious metal as part of a long-term money-making scheme.

Investing in gold allows you to keep your investments simple and manageable, even during difficult economic times. Because there is a limited amount of gold available to the global market, the price of the asset rises as demand increases. Even when gold becomes devalued to a certain extent, consumers are encouraged to buy at lower rates, so the industry never experiences stagnation. Regardless of what’s happening in the world around you, you can rest assured that your gold holds no counterparty risk and will provide you with a sound balance to your portfolio.

There are distinctive tax advantages associated with gold investment that attract individuals who are determined to make their money earn higher capital for them.

Investment Opportunities From Physical Gold

Want to place your money into a refreshingly secure savings plan? The experienced consultants at Physical Gold can help you invest in gold effectively without any management fees. We’ll explain the processes involved in gold investment and teach you how to safeguard your hard-earned cash for years to come.

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Invest In Gold

When most of us think of gold, the image we summon up may not necessarily involve gold investment, however, as one of the safest products on the market, gold has outperformed all other asset classes over the past decade. There are endless reasons why people choose to invest in this precious metal, but the relatively low risks involved form the basis of many of these decisions and go some way to explaining why gold is the most popular form of safe haven investment. Traditionally gold is a source that many investors have turned to during economic downturns. In today’s current world of market falls and inflation, it makes sense to buy gold as a harbour against economic crises. However, as always when dealing with your finances, it is important to make sure you reflect this choice by finding a trusted and reliable UK gold investment company to guide you through the process. At Physical Gold we are renowned for our blend of innovative, profitable solutions and friendly service, and are proud to offer our assistance to customers from all backgrounds.

How To Invest In Gold

Whether you have experience in investing in gold or you’re interested in our range of sovereign coins to start a family heirloom, our specialist team use their undisputed knowledge in the gold market to help you reach a decision that’s best for your needs. With such an extensive selection, it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why the first of our four-stage process begins with a consultation. Our team draw upon their expertise to guide you through which types of gold offer the best value as an asset as well as those which are most suitable to sell on at the highest price. Whether you opt for bullion gold bars or Britannia coins, we’re dedicated to being as helpful and informative as possible, and as BNTA accredited members you can be sure we have your best interests at heart. Feedback from our customers has also shown that a number of people choose to look into gold investments, not just as a money making project but for the beauty of their collectable nature. We show you how to invest in gold to get the best results for your goals.

Gold Investment

At Physical Gold we’re not only leaders in the gold investment industry, but have a comprehensive understanding of the economy and financial markets in general, putting us in the best position to help you. We strive to help you build up an understanding of how the sector works so you can begin to place your investment in a balanced way. We tailor our approach to demonstrate to each and every one of our customers how to invest in gold. One of the biggest advantages of investing in the yellow metal is that you stand to avoid paying VAT, making the venture even more profitable. Whatever has drawn your interest towards this arena, invest in gold with one of the UK’s leading gold dealers.

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